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About Merloza

Fish Restaurant

We are, Dor Even and Mor Hazan, a couple, business partners and best friends. We have a rich background in the restaurants fields. Dor started his career in the kitchen of “Herbert Samuel” restaurant then continue to open “Taizu” and as a chef at “Florentine house”. Mor started at the floor at “Machneyuda” restaurant for 5 years and then continue as a restaurant manager at “Ouzeria” for 3 years. Our entire adult life took place in restaurant’s, and this is also were we have met and became a couple, we have decided than that we will open a restaurant together no matter what.

After 4 years at Carmel Market, we moved to a new house at Lilienblum street with the same familiar and beloved menu, fresh fish and vegetables  Along with a light and cozy atmosphere.

מרלוזה מסעדת דגים בלילינבלום


We offer events for tables of ten people
With pre-closed food menu

Our balcony can accommodate up to 50 people
You can contact us via the link and we will be happy to assist

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מסעדת דגים מרלוזה - הזמנת מקומות


Book Your Table at Merloza

You can make reservations sunday - Thursday from 19:00, Friday starting 11:00, subject to availability. For orders of 9 people or more, you can call us or leave a request.


Contact us

Phone: 077-2302430


Lilienblum St. Tel Aviv

Opening Hours:
Opening hours vary.
Regular opening hours will be updated soon.

Saturdays and Holidays - Closed
We don't have products that are not Kosher, but we don't have Kosher certificate

Send us a message

Thank you for contacting us.

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