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מרלוזה מסעדת דגים בשוק

About Merloza

Hamara Restaurant in Carmel

We are, Dor Even and Mor Hazan, a couple, business partners and best friends. We have a rich background in the restaurants fields. Dor started his career in the kitchen of “Herbert Samuel” restaurant then continue to open “Taizu” and as a chef at “Florentine house”. Mor started at the floor at “Machneyuda” restaurant for 5 years and then continue as a restaurant manager at “Ouzeria” for 3 years. Our entire adult life took place in restaurant’s, and this is also were we have met and became a couple, we have decided than that we will open a restaurant together no matter what.

After three years of searching we’ve found our way to the Carmel market and to the right spot for us, we knew that this is what we’ve wanted for all that time. The simplicity of it all, the love and the family energy. With those vibes we wanted to host our guest in our place.



Events in The Heart of The Carmel Market

We offer events only at the evening for  minimum 15 people in one long table on our balcony. To close the whole place in minimum of 35 people and maximum 50 people. 
All the events are sharing food for the middle of the table, happy music and light atmosphere.



Book Your Table at Merloza

You can make reservations Monday - Thursday from 19:00, Friday afternoon, subject to availability. For orders of 9 people or more, we offer a pre-prepared menu.


Contact us

Phone: 03-5164924


Chayim Havshosh St. Tel Aviv

Opening Hours:
Sunday: 19:00-23:00 

Monday to Thursday: 12:00-17:30, 19:00-23:00
Friday: 10:30-16:30

Saturdays and Holidays - Closed

We don't have products that are not Kosher, but we don't have Kosher certificate

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Thank you for contacting us.

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